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7DAYCAM.com (Deteknix Inc.) is committed to revolutionizing the consumer & commercial dashcam industry by providing an unmatched, premium, personalized experience with a passion and vision to further enhance our world through excellence in technological innovation.

7DAYCAM.com opened its doors in 2015 specializing in high-end dash camera car black-box equipment and has since evolved into an industry-leader for dash camera and in-car black-box for consumer and industrial market . 7DAYCAM is not just another average retailer or wholesale distributor. We’re here to provide you the 7/24 peace of mind experience, and our experience provides an unmatched, hands-on, personalized relationship that you’ll be able rely on for whatever your needs may be. With a close to 24 hour a day live chat, 7 days a week paired with knowledgeable and experienced dashcam to pick up the phone, you can count on the 7daycam Team to assist with whatever your needs may be.
At the forefront of the dashcam industry, we have partnered with many other industry leaders to revolutionize applications in the dashcam and fleet truck industries. We are here to help you get your dashcam light up and hit the road!
We would like to thank you for stopping by and our 7DAYCAM team is looking forward to serving you. Whether it be consultation before your purchase or support after your purchase, our team is committed to ensuring a positive experience. If there is anything that we can do to help meet your needs, please reach out. We are always looking to develop positive, long-lasting relationships with those we do business with.

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